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Pocket Purse | Honey


Perfect for the bare necessities when going out. This three compartment cross body has just the right features for the things needed. One small pocket for cards and ID's, sandwiched between two larger compartments to carry a phone and other small items.

An easy to wear bag featuring a knotted adjustable strap, finished with brass rivets and brass snap closure.


Made with a natural European vegetable tanned leather this has a smooth matte finish with a light, hand applied sealant. With the absence of dye this bag will take on an Immediate patina. Turning from a natural blush to a golden wheat, gaining an Heirloom quality with markings of character and its own unique story.


Dimensions |

7 x 4.75” for the pocket purse

26” strap from the top of the shoulder - Adjustable


*Note - water, oil, dirt and other environmental elements such as UV will influence the patina and color of this bag as it ages. Also be cautious to avoid any unwanted dyes that can easily transfer to your bag such as indigo dyed raw denim. See our care section for a list of preferred treatments and maintenance tips. 


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