Ours is a story of two ambitious dreamers falling wildly in love, and cultivating a lifestyle and environment for our fellow creatives. Dreamers Supply Co. is meant to inspire and equip in turn, so that our community may grow together and make our world all the better for it.
Alan and I spent our formative years traveling around the world, stepping onstage, and challenging one another to constantly expand our horizons and take on greater challenges. We graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design together in 2016, and the natural next step seemed to be to return to my hometown of Birmingham, AL to bring all that we'd learned back home. 
While Alan focused on the intricate craft of accessory design and leather working, I took the route of whimsical, accessible illustration.
We had a beautiful brick and mortar in the historic Forest Park neighborhood of Birmingham, AL for 3 years, but with the strain of the ongoing pandemic we decided to reevaluate and make decisions that would best fit our family. We now have an expanded home atelier where Alan and I work together on our individual disciplines and sell through our online shop as well as a few stockists who share our love for dreaming.