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‘Winding Sedona’

‘Winding Sedona’

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2”x 2” / handmade natural oil paint on paper; mounted on stretched canvas


Tasha Cathey is an earth pigment artist, photographer and southwest native  currently living in Birmingham Alabama. After ten years in the photography business she decided to turn her eye towards painting in early 2019. The discovery of using natural earth pigments to create paint heavily shifted her creative vision and is her primary medium of choice.  As of early 2020 she became an affiliate for Natural Earth Paint and now enjoys creating tutorials and creating works from natural resources.

About the collection:

The Grandview Collection was inspired by a past season of my life I spent living in Northern Arizona. A spontaneous decision was made when I was nineteen to take up a job working in the Grand Canyon National Park. I used the year I lived there to see as much of the state as possible frequenting scenic stops, small towns, national monuments and Indian reservations. I was transfixed by the beauty I found and spent long hours driving in every direction around that state. The unbounded horizon and vast open skies are burned into my memory.

 While I worked in the park I had the opportunity to volunteer with the park service helping out behind the desk at the visitor center. I assisted in giving general directions, hiking recommendations and mostly “swearing in” junior rangers - which was precious. Hiking recommendations took up most of my time. The Grandview Trail is a rugged, lesser used trail plunging from the rim down into the canyon. It’s loose rocks and steep drop offs cause you to move slower and consider your route more carefully. I enjoyed the change of pace and company from other experienced hikers and did my best to frequent this trail over others. Overall, this particular year caused me moments of extended reflection and worship, similar in a way to the character of the Grandview trail, pushing me to consider my decisions more carefully. So the collection bore its name from this specific place- one small path to reflect a larger one I continue to take.


This is my first collection using only earth pigments. That means that no heavy-metal laden paints or skin irritating turpentine was used or dumped down the drain into our water supply. I mixed all the paint myself and it’s completely non-toxic, synthetic free and totally environmentally friendly. It’s just earth & minerals ground up into a fine powder mixed with walnut oil! 


The Grandview Collection spilled from a warm and sentimental place in my mind and I’m curious to see where they go from here.