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“Slow”- Enneahands #3
“Slow”- Enneahands #3

“Slow”- Enneahands #3

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An 8x10 archival print with accompanying affirmation card with the following on it:

No. 3
Slow down and take a breath.

Slow down and listen to the seemingly insignificant.

Slow down to talk to backseat emotions traveling with you everywhere at 80mph [and understand the backseat drivers especially].

Slow down and cry with any passengers named hurt or grief. Slow your calendar and commitments.

Slow down to look at those who already see you. Be slow to unlocking achievements just because you can. And even after dreaded failures, slow down to learn— but never stop.


This series explores the relationship between our physical actions as they are motivated by our inner selves.  Influenced by the nine words on the Enneagram, each hand represents a growth action to combat these nine fears and egos.

As a child I was fascinated with dance and how body lines can create meaning. Now as a writer and calligraphy artist, I have come to appreciate how the simplest line or a single, powerful word can nearly tell a whole story.

"Enneahands" uses imperfect, organic shapes and continuous line to tell the beautifully flawed but neverending story of our human struggles. In the final print, all the hands in their uniqueness come together to create balance and synergy as a stronger complete circle.