Darling Magazine- Complexity

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Darling Magazine- Complexity

Darling Media is an independent, quarterly print women’s magazine with a “no-retouching” policy. A magazine developed upon a foundation of empowerment of women, it claims the slogan, "the art of being a woman.

Issue 16 dives into complexity, something we might have a tendency to shy away from. What does it look like to conquer some of those confusing, complicated or frustrating things in life? Can we find a sense of satisfaction apart from complete understanding? And is there beauty in doing so?



Friend, Foe, Fear by Angela Parker

A piece on what fear means and how to conquer it while learning from it.


Pursuing Healthy Motherhood by Iva Pawling

An exploration of what it means to be a working mother and the complexities that come along with pursuing equality and re-evaluating gender and social constructs. Rashida! by Sarah Dubbeldam and Teresa Miller Archer A compelling interview with actress, activist, writer and producer, Rashida Jones.


The Colorful Eclectic Abode by Rachel Meadows

Rachel shares her tips and tricks for creating an eclectic heaven within your own home.


Defining Empowerment: Mayim Bialik by Sarah Dubbeldam and Teresa Miller Archer

A feature interview with Mayim Bialik shares all of her achievements throughout her life and how she did it all.


Gabi Fresh by Sarah Dubbeldam and Teresa Miller Archer

A feature on fashion blogger and designer Gabi Fresh about body image and ow the size o our clothing tag has nothing to do with our worth as women.


The Deepest Kind of Detox by Laura Jennison

Advice on how to maintain health by detoxing your harmful toxins derived from pain, not chemicals.


Acne by Francesca Giaimo

A personal story of Darling’s own Beauty Editor’s struggle with adult acne. She talks about the issue from a deep and also practical level, with lessons on self-esteem.


The Lucky Few by Heather Avis

A woman's story on infertility that leads to adopting three children, two of whom have Down syndrome and the lessons learned about dreams, disappointments and giving your all for others.

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