'Scholar' Beard Oil

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'Scholar' Beard Oil
A 2oz amber glass bottle (with dropper) of all natural, handmade beard oil.

We use only the finest organic oils and essential oils, such as: Jojoba, Argan Nut, Evening Primrose, Virgin Coconut, Almond, Castor and Sunflower oil.

As for essential oils, 'The Scholar' is a uniquely refined blend of Lavender and Frankincense. Together, these two oils create a soft but earthy scent, both gentle and rugged at the same time; perfect for the modern day scholar who prefers books to newsfeeds, vinyls to mp3's, and their own personal library over a mancave any day.

All together, the oils in this blend actively work to clean, hydrate and condition your facial companion, minimize dandruff, frizz and split ends, and moisturize the long-forgotten skin lying beneath.

Great to apply to a freshly washed and dried beard. Simply put a few drops (as needed) into your hands and thoroughly and evenly massage into your beard.

Remember, with great beard comes great responsibility.

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